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Did you know that scratcher odds change over time? If ticket sales outpace winners, the odds go up. If winners outpace ticket sales, the odds go down. Kismet tracks these changes over time and gives you the best odds every day so you never pick another dud.

The best game can be up to 10x better than the worst one! Don’t spend one more day guessing. With Kismet, you’ll always have the best odds possible.

Daily Updates

The odds change every day as prizes are won and tickets are sold. Kismet gives you the most current odds that no official source will provide so you can wait until just the right time to play.

Custom Calculators

What’s your play style? By entering your budget and target prize, you can find the best game for you at that moment. 

Location Filtering

For the aggressive lotto player, you can compare odds across state lines and make the right play, in the right place, at the right time.


Kismet is based in math and probability, not pseudoscience or mysticism. Unlike draw games (which are effectively random), instant win/scratcher games can be tracked to improve odds, much like blackjack card counting. Just like a raffle, your odds change over time depending on how many tickets have been sold and how many prizes have been won.

For example, if ticket sales outpace winners, your odds go up. If winners outpace ticket sales they go down. Kismet tracks this odds “wobble,” which is typically between 0.4x and 4x the stated odds. This means you could boost your odds by up to 10x by choosing the best ticket over the worst one!

Only supports the CA lottery and the TX lottery; more to follow. After California and Texas, we plan to support North Carolina (NC) and continue to prioritize states that publish the most information. Improve your lottery results with the first ticket! Always remember to play responsibly; stick to the budget you set ahead of time.